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Northern Ireland to introduce ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ educational project

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has warmly welcomed the decision of the Northern Ireland Executive to fund the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz project in the week in which Holocaust Memorial Day is commemorated.

Jonathan said: “This was one of the “Ten Commitments” that the Board of Deputies and the Belfast Jewish Community asked from incoming Members of the Legislative Assembly at the elections in 2016 and we raised the issue in meeting with all the main parties in Northern Ireland during my visit to Stormont in February last year. In our meetings with the different parties, I was gratified at the common ground there seemed to be on this issue, despite the sometimes fractious nature of Northern Ireland politics.

“This decision demonstrates the value of the Board of Deputies working together with local Jewish communities right across our family of nations and is a tribute to the tremendous importance of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s powerful project. I am delighted that school-children in Northern Ireland will now benefit from it.”

Read the Jewish News story here.

Board of Deputies divisional members hold up #WeRemember signs to participate in the World Jewish Congress campaign for Holocaust Memorial Day


Antisemitic attackers ‘deserve our contempt’

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has condemned a spate of antisemitic incidents reported at the weekend.

Marie said: “The low-lives who think it big or clever to menace Jewish families over the weekend deserve nothing short of our contempt. The perpetrators should face the full force of the law.”

Read the Jewish News story hereand the JC story here.

Meanwhile, Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has condemned an outbreak of antisemitic chanting by Manchester City fans on a tram before their game with Tottenham Hotspur last weekend.

Jonathan said: “Sick racist chanting has been an enduring part of the football scene in this country for far too long now. It is a criminal offence. The perpetrators should be arrested and feel the full force of the law.”

Read the Telegraph story here.


Definitive GCSE Judaism guide on sale now

Judaism GCSE Religious Studies: The Definitive Resource by Clive Lawton, is the essential guide for those teaching Judaism in GCSE Religious Studies.

This account of Judaism as it is lived today is easy to use and accessible for both teachers and students of GCSE. It highlights the issues that are of most importance and provides an unbiased description of the diversity within the Jewish community.

For further details, including how to purchase the resource, click here.

Board of Deputies Activity


President Jonathan Arkush and Public Affairs Director Phil Rosenberg attended a reception at 10 Downing Street to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

Jonathan Arkush, Vice Presidents Marie van der Zyl and Sheila Gewolb, Chief Executive Gillian Merron, Phil Rosenberg and Grassroots and Advocacy Consultant Steven Jaffe attended a commemorative event at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Jonathan Arkush, Senior Vice President Richard Verber, Sheila Gewolb, Marie van der Zyl,Treasurer Stuart MacDonald and Gillian Merron attended the UK Commemorative Ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day at Westminster.

Jonathan Arkush and Gillian Merron attended the Association of Jewish Refugees’ Holocaust Memorial Day service at Belsize Square Synagogue.

Sheila Gewolb spoke at the Holocaust Memorial Day event at the University of Bedford in Luton. The theme this year is ‘How can life go on?’

Richard Verber attended the European Parliament’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony, hosted by Antonio Tajani, the new President of the European Parliament, and European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor.

Phil Rosenberg attended a lecture by Professor Yehuda Bauer in Parliament, organised by the Israeli Embassy, in advance of Holocaust Memorial Day.

Phil Rosenberg attended the London Borough of Camden’s commemorative event at the British Library.

Government Officer Dawn Waterman attended the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lord Merlyn-Rees Memorial lecture on Monday 23 January which was given by Laurence Rees.

Stuart MacDonald attended the Anne Frank Trust annual lunch.


Senior Vice President Richard Verber attended the European Jewish Congress General Assembly. He addressed the plenary on “Brexit: its impact on the British and European Jewish communities” and took questions.

Richard Verber spoke on ”Jewish Refugees and the Cypriot Internment Camps, 1946-1949” followed by a reception hosted by the High Commission of Cyprus, Embassy of Israel, Board of Deputies and National Federation of Cypriots.

Jonathan Arkush addressed a dinner for a delegation of 80 Israeli head teachers and national education officials at Aviv restaurant, Edgware.

Steven Jaffe attended the annual lobby of Parliament organised by the Zionist Federation and Christian Friends of Israel.


Steven Jaffe attended the launch event of Lessons from Auschwitz (see story above) at Bangor, Co Down with Minister of Education Peter Weir MLA, local representatives, the Holocaust Educational Trust and the Belfast Jewish community.

Sheila Gewolb and Education Development Manager Sara Perlmutter attended a meeting at the Jewish Museum to discuss future education projects.

The Board of Deputies ran a Jewish Living Tour for a year 10 group of 45 students and four teachers from a Surrey school. This included a visit to a synagogue and to JFS School as part of our integrated school linking programmes.

The Board of Deputies is looking to put on its Jewish Living Experience exhibition around the country in 2017/18. We would like Deputies and community members to support efforts to find suitable venues. If you are able to help or want to know more about the project, email or click here for more information about the exhibition.

Education Consultant Sandra Teacher spoke at the National Conference for Jewish Educators on the Importance of play and how to make learning fun in Jewish studies lessons.


Phil Rosenberg and Interfaith and Social Action Officer Anthony Silkoff participated in a dialogue event hosted by the Council of Christians and Jews on the topic of ‘Righteous Victimhood’ in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Marie van der Zyl and Anthony Silkoff attended the Council of Christians and Jews dialogue session on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where they discussed memory and righteous victimhood.

Phil Rosenberg attended the launch of polling company ComRes’s new Faith Research Centre, addressed by BBC religious affairs correspondent Martin Bashir.


Gillian Merron and Anthony Silkoff met Edie Friedman, the director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, to discuss the Jewish community’s response to the refugee crisis.


Phil Rosenberg attended Jewish ambulance service Hatzola’s annual gala event.

Phil Rosenberg and Parliamentary Officer Joel Salmon met Alex Goldberg from the United Synagogue to discuss how to celebrate communal heritage.

Jonathan Arkush and Anthony Silkoff met Alex Fenton from the Movement for Reform Judaism, to talk about how Jewish communities can reach out to and cooperate with Muslim communities across the UK.

Parliamentary Officer Joel Salmon met Jonathon Leader, Limmud’s Head of Regional Development, UK and Europe, to discuss ongoing cooperation between the two organisations.  

Gillian Merron met the new Chief Executive of WizoUK, Eliot Heilpern.


Gillian Merron met Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Yvette Cooper MP to discuss antisemitism.

Gillian Merron met Canadian MP Anthony Housefather to brief him about the UK Jewish community.

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