Hello good afternoon:

I am writing we are already organizing a Limmud activity in Madrid to do a Sunday in March. I enclose this link where you can find more information about what is Limmud in the world:

As you can see on the page, Limmud is almost entirely organized by volunteers; and everyone can participate, according to their interests, in events or activities related to Judaism. The themes are very varied; from art and culture, history, religion, philosophy, social, performances …

Last year we had an event and we were very happy. The idea is to meet that Sunday and we plan to dedicate the afternoon to make different talks, workshops and some musical performance. In addition, this year we want to announce it also for people from outside, so we will propose optional activities also to make the weekend in Madrid and surroundings, such as walks through the Jewish Madrid, museums and visit to Toledo.

If you think, a day that suits you, we can get in touch and tell you a little more about it.

Thank you very much,

Alberto Martínez Wahnon

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