Lisa Advisors news on the Portuguese and Spanish citizenships

The Spanish citizenship law – Dreams do come true

Following Lisa Advisor´s historic achievements of obtaining the first Acta de Nacionalidad and the first Spanish passport under the special citizenship law for the Sephardi descendants, we are happy to update that more breakthroughs have been made by Lisa Advisors for the Sephardi community.


Many of our customers are receiving their long-awaited invitations to the Spanish citizenship ceremonies at the Spanish consulates around the world (such as in Israel, USA and Singapore). These citizenship ceremonies and the many more expected to take place soon, are very encouraging. Each citizenship ceremony has more than 500 years of family history behind it and represents a dream come true and a great future.These ceremonies are the compensation and the proof that the most challenging process will succumbed only to passion and dedication.


The Spanish citizenship law for the Sephardi descendants is expected to expire in October 2018 

Lisa Advisors would like to encourage our Sephardi community to benefit from this unique window of opportunity and claim their birth right to the Portuguese and Spanish citizenships.
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About Lisa Advisors

Lisa Advisors is a Sephardi-cause organization based in Spain that was founded by Dr. Maya Dori and is named after her beloved Sephardic grandmother, Lisa Romano. Dr. Maya Dori is a Sephardic lawyer, based in Spain, who received her Spanish citizenship several years ago after a long “battle” with the Spanish authorities during which she proved that her family fled from Toledo, Spain in 1492. Dr. Maya Dori holds an L.L.B from the Tel Aviv University, an MBA from IESE business school, an MA (cum lauda) and a PhD in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Lisa Advisors achievements and endeavours for the Sephardi worldwide community have already received the recognition of the Spanish authorities and featured some of the most known Jewish newspapers such as the Jewish Journal.

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