Marie van der Zyl: Chakrabarti has sold out the Jewish community

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Marie van der Zyl: Chakrabarti has sold out the Jewish community

Baroness Chakrabarti, whose appointment to the Labour front bench has thrown into doubt the independence of her inquiry into antisemitism in the party

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has reacted with “disappointment” to the appointment of Baroness Chakrabarti as Shadow Attorney General only months after she presided over the Chakrabarti Report into antisemitism in the Labour Party.

Marie said: “We are disappointed, but sadly unsurprised, that once again Shami Chakrabarti and Jeremy Corbyn have spectacularly undermined her so-called ‘independent’ report.

“We hoped her report would be a potent weapon in the fight against antisemitism.

“It now looks increasingly like the whitewash was a job application.

“She has sold out the Jewish community”.

Read the Telegraph report here.

Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush (left) speaking at an Action against Antisemitism event entitled “Antisemitism in Football – How serious is it now?” Read the Jewish News report here
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Welcome for Government review into payments to Palestinian Authority

The Board of Deputies has welcomed reports that the Department for International Development is actively reviewing aid payments to the Palestinian Authority. This follows claims that British tax money is reaching terrorists and their families through the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

Senior Vice President Richard Verber said: “We do not take issue with the British Government supporting genuine development in the Palestinian territories. However, we have long been deeply concerned by claims that British tax money might be funding terrorism and incitement. We welcome the review, which we hope will be both robust and thorough. We would also like to thank the Members of Parliament and media organisations who have echoed our concerns with increasing volume over the past few months.”


Tory MP called on to apologise after sharing platform with pro-Hamas speaker

Board of Deputies Vice President  Marie van der Zyl has called on Conservative MP Crispin Blunt to apologise after he defended his decision to chair an event alongside a pro-Hamas speaker.

Marie said: “Crispin Blunt MP’s defence of his decision to chair an event alongside Ismail Patel is itself indefensible.

“Patel has endorsed Hamas, which fires missiles on innocent civilians and enshrines antisemitism in its charter. We call on Mr Blunt to apologise and commit not to share a platform with people with such questionable views.”

To read the JC report, click here

Board of Deputies Activity


President Jonathan Arkush,Senior Vice President Richard VerberVice President Marie van der ZylVice President Sheila GewolbChief Executive Gillian Merron and Public Affairs Director Phil Rosenberg attended the London Jewish Forum-Jewish Leadership Council commemoration for the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. Earlier in the day, Marie van der Zyl andInterfaith and Social Action Officer Anthony Silkoff attended a march to mark the occasion, and Marie was interviewed about the significance of Cable Street on LBC and London Live. Read the Jewish News report here.


Phil Rosenberg and International Relations Officer David Walshmet Julian Mansfield, Head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Middle East Peace Process team, to discuss coexistence projects, the status of Hamas’s proscription on a European level, incitement and misuse of funds in the Palestinian Authority, and geopolitical issues.

David Walsh attended the Embassy of Israel’s reception to mark National Coming Out Day. The reception, which was attended by a number of Jewish and non-Jewish LGBT community activists and politicians, was addressed by Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev, Angela Eagle MP (Lab), Joanna Cherry MP (SNP), Chris Bryant MP (Lab), Lord Glendonbrook (Con) and Lord Oates (Lib Dem).

David Walsh attended the 5th Anniversary Gala of the Centre for Turkey Studies.

David Walsh met the Director of B’nai B’rith London Bureau of International Affairs Jeremy Havardi to discuss potential collaborations between our organisations.


Treasurer Stuart MacDonald andCommunity Services Manager Colin Spanjar met Rabbi Charley Baginsky of Liberal Judaism to discuss the Communal Contribution and other matters in which the Board and Liberal Judaism can co-operate.

Stuart MacDonald and Colin Spanjar met Matt Plen, Chief Executive of Masorti Judaism, to discuss the Communal Contribution. They agreed to have further regular meetings.

Stuart MacDonaldColin Spanjar and Gillian Merron met with leaders of the United Synagogue to discuss the Communal Contribution and other matters.


Sheila Gewolb and Marie van der Zyl attended the Israeli Embassy/Hindu community (BAPS) event at the Neasden Temple at which Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev spoke.


Government Affairs Officer Dawn Waterman attended a meeting at the Department for Education to discuss the reform of National Professional Qualifications – leadership qualifications for head teachers – which may result in a faith-based NPQ in the future.

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