An unforgettable dinner in Tel Aviv, by Anne-Marie Mitterrand

My dear friends,

I hope these last holidays went well for you. I was in Israel, in Tel Aviv for the commemoration of the Holocaust: Yom Hashoah. I was moved. All the inhabitants of Tel Aviv, Jewish or not, united to honor the memory of the souvenir. Not a lit up bistro, not an open grocery store, a dark and silent city. Sad yes but moments that I will never forget. And then … Legendary rebound of the Israelis, Saturday at nightfall, life goes back to normal. Then begin the preparations to celebrate the seventy years of the independence of the State of Israel. The light comes back. Joy … Happyness.

My literary agent, the adorable Caroll Azoulay and my dear friend Rakel Abitbol organized a dinner at the restaurant «Rendez-vous» where I met new Israeli friends full of strength and energy. The editor and the translator in Hebrew of «Musique Russe», Maurice Menache and Michael Lévy were by my side and I thank the journalists of the French-speaking Israeli press:Patricia HassounVanessa MistralEmmanuelle AddaMichael GrinzpanAndré DarmonJacques BenilloucheHervé Benhamou,Karine ScemamaCarole Ouaknine and Keren Hayesod, my wonderful friend Valérie PerezTamaraHatavYael DayanClaude Brightman,Ofer LeloucheGérard Benhamou, for doing me the honor of receiving me on the radio, television, in a newspaper, and their presence at this friendly and warm dinner.

Restaurant « Rendez-vous » in Tel Aviv
I’m going back  to Israel for the Board of the University of Jerusalem, a great event, early June, to which I proposed to accompany you and during which I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you there.

With all my affection
Anne-Marie Mitterrand

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